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The Funnel | 10 Secrets of Extraordinary Church Growth


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The Funnel

10 Secrets of Extraordinary Church Growth

By Ross Turner, CEO & Founder of Vibrant Agency.

Foreword by Dino Rizzo, President of ARC.

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As the Executive Director for the Association of Related Churches (ARC), I get to personally consult with thousands of pastors and church planters all around the world. One of the topics that frequently comes up in our conferences and private coaching sessions is the topic of marketing and advertising. It is a tool that many of us need to sharpen. Many pastors feel completely overwhelmed when trying to learn how to use digital marketing to help grow their church. It can be difficult to know if you are doing advertising and marketing the right way, especially when it comes to spending your resources on ads.

That is why this book is so crucial for church leaders. The topics covered in this book will give church leaders incredibly valuable knowledge. When done right, marketing can be one of the key factors in driving first-time visitors to your church. Ross and his team have developed a unique marketing strategy that churches can benefit from. When you understand how to use a marketing funnel, you will start to see results like you never have before with marketing.

At ARC we teach classes and training sessions about digital marketing, but we don’t have the time to dive as deeply as we would like. I have been hoping for a resource like this to come out for churches, and provide the in-depth training that pastors and church leaders need.

I truly hope that you take the time to understand the principles outlined in this book, and use your newfound skills to reach the lost.

Dino Rizzo
Executive Director, ARC

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Book Visuals

1. Branding Color Guide

2. Facebook Ad Campaign Types

3. Facebook Ad Location Selection

4. Facebook Ad Placements

5. Sample Top of Funnel Ad

6. Facebook Re Targeting Audience

7. Custom Conversion

8. Middle of Funnel Re Targeting Audience

9. Sample Middle of Funnel Ad

10. Marketing Foundations

11. The Funnel Chart

12. Google Ad Expamle

13. Google Business Profile Example

14. Mood Board Example

Personal Consulting & Funnel Setup


It helps to have a personal connection. If you are interested in having Ross and his team personally train and consult with your church or ministry, you’ve come to the right place!

Our team will do a deep analysis on your social media traffic, website, and branding. We will not only professionally setup your marketing funnel for you, but we will personally train you how to setup all of your ads and custom audiences. This way you can manage them ongoing in a professional way!


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What's Included
  • 1. Personal video consultation for your key ministry leadership with Ross Turner.
  • 2. Video vision casting consultation for your entire staff / leadership team regarding branding, funnel, and digital markering with Ross Turner.
  • 3. Initial professional setup of your Funnel ads for Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and Google Ad Grants.
  • 4. Six months of weekly new custom ads for all funnel ads, and data tracking.
  • 5. Monthly progress review zoom calls.

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